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Wine stories.

The language of wine is varied. Every good wine tells a story – about its origin, the climate, the soil and the people who made it unique. And if these stories are told by someone who has been traveling to the terroirs and people of Italy for over 15 years, it will be an exciting brochure.

The task

The company Wineteam is founded to make the wealth of Italian wine culture directly available to discerning retailers in Germany. This creates for us the beautiful and challenging task of developing a unique communication appearance, which stands out beneficially from the established competitors.

The solution

We at the comunication agency Mugele’s Brand Identity stage the company founder and make his travels to the Italian producers tangible and perceptible. The tone of voice is not a classic advertising language. In narrative style, Dr. Alessandro Righi speaks about his encounters with winemakers from Tuscany as well as about rambling through the Piemont Natural Park Roero. The nearly 100-page booklet makes you want wine and Italy.

The best of two cultures.