moving brands

Simply concise.

The company Systems is well-positioned in the IT industry and has a firm foothold in the core market of South Tyrol with its three locations. Its further development, especially in the scope of services, made repositioning and a related brand relaunch necessary. As part of a pitch, which the advertising agency Mugele’s Brand Identity was able to win, proposals for the redesign of the logo were presented. The client follows the agency recommendation and takes a bold and confident step. The entire brand appearance corresponds to the basic attitude of the company and is accordingly clear, self-confident and reduced to the essentials.

The task

Premises and recommendations for a new brand image: The new brand identity has to be unique, memorizable, reflect the brand items (sympathetic, shirt-sleeved, concrete, straightforward, self-confident, professional) and process the zeitgeist without being trendy.

The solution


In line with the spirit of the claim “Building IT Success” the Advertising Agency Mugele’s Brand Identity developed a corporate design that shows at the same time clarity and conciseness as well as shirt-sleeveness and proximity. Hand drawings take this fact into account and interrupt the reduced design. The deliberately selected corporate colors blue and yellow represent technology and warmth. Both being pillars supporting the company, both internally and externally.