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Trailblazing view.

Built in 1903 as the world's steepest funicular railway, the Mendelbahn/Funicolare Mendola transports 200,000 passengers a year and offers a fantastic view of the Lago di Caldaro. For better promotion, STA Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG wanted a video that would not only captivate railway fans. Under the motto "trailblazing view", a successful example of infotainment was created.

The task

As the owner of the mountain and valley station as well as the Mendel funicular, STA is responsible for passenger transport from St. Anton to Mendel. For better promotion of the cable car, a short video of max. 60 seconds is desired, which will be shown in the bottom station and on the website. This should give the viewer an entertaining introduction to the history of the cable car and show the current situation.

The solution


We put the accent on technical innovation and at the same time convey the feeling of adventure and freedom that can be experienced at the top station. We connect the pioneering history of the railway with the present - this sets the background of the video. By splitting the video into two parts, we creatively guide viewers through the history of the railway and let them experience the present.