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A new look in your early 90s.

Only those who change remain true to themselves. Founded in 1930, the South Tyrolean family-run Siebenförcher butchery has developed over the past decades into a leading producer and supplier of the finest meat and sausage specialities. To ensure that the demand for the best quality is also reflected in the design, we have developed a new appearance that combines tradition and modernity: Attention-grabbing. Memorable. Brand-building.

The task

The Siebenförcher family butchery enjoys an excellent reputation not only in South Tyrol. The communication style was a bit outdated and so they were looking for a contemporary brand identity.

The solution


After an extensive analysis phase within and outside the company, the entire appearance - from logo to packaging to communication - was harmonised with the aim of reflecting Siebenförcher's values in a contemporary way. „Ehrlich. Das schmeckt man.“.This is the new claim and the brand promise.


Enjoyment is the sum of many factors.

Outstanding ingredients, craftsmanship and a packaging that tells a story: about Siebenförcher's origins in Merano, which merges with the texture of the meat to create a unique projection surface.


Craft meets mouth.

The new linguistic attitude shapes the company's image. From the claim „Ehrlich. Das schmeckt man.“ , which refers to quality, taste and honest craftsmanship, to an entertaining and likeable basic tone with which Siebenförcher speaks to its customers and buyers at eye level.