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Sustainable together.

For the first time, Raiffeisen Landesbank Südtirol is publishing a sustainability report. Living values illustrated, pictured and described on 132 pages. In addition, a video clip that gets you in the mood for the topic. Employees from the various departments of the bank accompany the reader through the brochure just like the yellow swallowtail. At home in South Tyrol, this butterfly stands for an intact environment.

The task

In addition to the annual report, there is a separate sustainability report for the first time. This report should have a high-quality design, stand out from the annual report and focus on sustainability in practice.

The solution


A sustainable future in a complex world can only be achieved together. This is already reflected in the title "sustainable together" and is reflected in the entire appearance. The open parenthesis as a fixed corporate element connects the previous achievements with regard to sustainable development and at the same time allows for further development and integration. The butterfly as the symbol par excellence for sustainability accompanies the reader throughout the entire report. The introductory pictures of the various topics are photographed from a bird's eye view, thus representing a complete overview and symbolizing the fact that Raiffeisen Landesbank Südtirol keeps track of even the most complex topics. We show the people we meet in the report in an authentic and likeable way in an ambience outside the bank. In this way, we connect the Landesbank's actions and its activities with the outside world. Other people are visible or tangible in the background.

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