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Just dive in.

Giving large and complex forms to the versatile GFRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic) is only possible with the right specialist. Polyfaser, the traditional family business from Prato allo Stelvio, takes care of all your wishes, professionally and reliably – in many sectors and especially in its main segment pools, Polyfaser feels at home. Customers can concentrate on what they love to do: Diving in.

The task


In precise manual labour, Polyfaser creates swimming pools including roofings as well as various complex forms and special shapes in many different industries. The aim was to give this wide-ranging production area a uniform, positioning and appealing brand image.

The solution


For the already existing operating divisions, we worked out a clear positioning and brand architecture which strengthen the brand Polyfaser. The claim “we feel pool” has been developed for the pool segment. This claim is emotionally charged and radiates to the whole company. The Industry segment received the analogous addition "we make forms" which is based on competence, many years of know-how and self-confidence. Polyfaser industrial customers know what we are talking about. Furthermore, the logo has been gently relaunched; the Polyfaser lettering has been modernised and the blue tone reworked to make it more friendly.

In addition to the corporate design for the entire company, we have created a communication identity for "we feel pool" that conveys naturalness and liveliness. The references were redesigned with a high aesthetic standard, which underlines the excellent quality of the Polyfaser products. The gentle play with the small waves blends perfectly into the overall corporate.