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Mila stands for unadulterated, natural milk from South Tyrolean mountain farms. It is processed into exciting dairy products for different needs and flavour experiences. The packaging design developed in 2010 was further developed in a self-similar way with a strong focus on origin, naturalness, and enjoyment. This runs through the entire brand portfolio. The launch is accompanied by an appealing campaign that once again emphasises the origin: Cowmunication.

The task

The brand identity developed in 2010 was to be harmonised and gently modernised. A clear brand architecture was to be created with the aim of conveying a contemporary, somewhat reduced, and authentic brand image. It should also be taken into account that consumers in the South Tyrolean home market have grown up with the Mila brand, whereas this is not the case in the Italian market as a whole. The origin of South Tyrol and the positive connotations associated with it therefore play an even more important role.

The solution


Keeping these objectives in mind, Mila's entire product portfolio was analysed and conceptually and creatively repositioned. The positioning of naturalness and authenticity emphasises materials such as wood, textiles and patterns that are part of rural life in South Tyrol and run through the entire packaging design. Coloured packaging heads and testimonials ensure quicker identification and recognition. These are some of the farmers who stand behind their milk and therefore Mila. In line with the more pointed repositioning, we show them in a natural, genuine and likeable way. The blue apron as a traditional item of clothing runs like a blue thread through the packaging. Appealing images of enjoyment provide appetising and orientation.