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Lucki enjoys the sun.

The area of Merano 2000 is an ideal destination for families with small children. And these are now welcomed by the mascot Lucki. The Haflinger pony is also omnipresent in the entire control system.

The task

With the new cable car families are increasingly visiting the area. Infrastructure for these was created (children ski slope, kindergarten, children’s toilets, etc.). Now the children should also be greeted and entertained by a mascot.

The solution


The godfather was a Haflinger pony, with his typical, blond mane and tail and his good-natured character. It was important to find a name that is understood in many cultures / languages and is nice: Lucki. Of course, Lucki has appropriate attributes and clothing to let off steam in the play paradise of summer and winter.


Events that not only make the hearts of little ones beat faster.