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From royal cows.

Lüch da Pćëi is a traditional mountain farm in San Cassiano in South Tyrol, with about 60 cows. Yoghurt and cheese are 100% naturally produced here every day. Sales are made directly (from the farm and in their own shops) and by the way of specialty trade (eg Seibstock, Dallmayer).

The task

It had to be something special; it should be a feast for the eyes, striking at first glance in the cheese counter. The range of raw milk cheeses, well over ten varieties, should be just as attractive for delis as for the local farm shop in San Cassiano.

The solution

The royal cows of Lüch da Pćëi are the key visual for the whole range of products. In the development of an independent brand for cheese they accompany us – not as a graphic element – but they shape the noble character of the motifs. The appearance is detached from all paradigms that must be adhered to when selling in the supermarket, which leaves us a lot of freedom in the design.



Precious and valuable as perfume.