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The crispy version of Matcha.

This time our Loacker pleasure trip took us to Japan’s oldest tea variety Matcha. There this green tea variety is the centre of tea ceremonies, but also here in the West more and more people afford the expensive trend drink. The new variety in the speciality segment tastes very different from other Loacker products but is still typical Loacker: two crispy wafers cover a core of the finest cream filling. The different market situations in the Far East and Europe had to be taken into account in both packaging design and communication. The depiction of a modern tea ceremony, accurately staged, radiating calm and contemplation, appeals to connoisseurs from Japan and South Korea as well as European tea lovers.

The task

A new variety is launched in the Speciality segment: Matcha in the weight units and formats 37.5 g, Classic Minis 10 g and Quadratini 110/220 g. The main sales markets will be countries with a green tea affinity such as South Korea and Japan, although a launch in other export markets has to be possible.

The solution

In the sense of a classic line extension, we work both with the learned elements of the speciality line and with those associated with the Matcha product: the colour green, the tea leaves, the tea ceremony, etc. In the communication we don't broach the origin of Loacker, but show a familiar situation in the key markets: the tea ceremony, but photographed in a modern “quasi instragram-like” way. On purpose we emphasise the moment of enjoyment without showing a face, so that every viewer can feel into the situation. This concept can easily be transferred to other markets.

Behind the scenes