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Strong and tender.

Opposites unite in a new taste combination. With the innovative product line Cacao & Milk, Loacker wins the “Eletto Prodotto dell'Anno” award in the “Biscotti” category in Italy. 12,000 Italian consumers have voted: The extraordinary packaging design with its high enjoyment promise and the actually great product performance were convincing. Behind the new product is a complete line from 45g to Quadratini. The extra crispy, dark cocoa waffle together with the delicate core of light milk cream results in a unique, distinctive, dual pleasure experience. It stands out, tastes great and wins.

The task

Loacker expands the Classic and Quadratini ranges with a new product: Cacao & Milk. An appealing packaging should reflect the current trend for a dual taste experience and yet still show a clear affiliation to the range. This goes hand in hand with the development of a complete appearance from secondary placements through to communication and sales tools.

The solution

The new variety will be launched within the Classic-Line, which presents a special challenge. So it has to fit in at the same time, as well as  to communicate the novelty of the dark waffle with light cream. In the  communication, we play on the one hand the strong contrast effect of the packaging, but at the same time visualize the positioning “strong and tender”. In two different forms, depending on the market and the application, the focus is on the product or the emotionalisation of people. Finding models that reflect the duality and to are world-wide acceptable at the same time was not that easy. After sighting 600 Setcards we found the “double delight”. To introduce the new taste a Presentation Kit for the sell-in is needed. It has to be in line with the value of the brand, easy to transport and contain the new products, including communication tools. A pleasant, useful gadget complements the appealing Kit.

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