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Fresh & fruity – the summer treat.

The specialty line of Loacker is increased with a fruit-taste: Raspberry-Yoghurt. The main target group are women. Depending on the objectives and weighting, the marketing communication is focused on product or lifestyle.

The task

The launch of the product Raspberry-Yoghurt within the Classic Line triggers a lot, from the development of the entire packaging via secondary placements at the POS to communication with the retail and the end customer. Everything from a single cast and well coordinated.

The solution

This in mind, we from the Advertising Agency Mugele's Brand Identity developed a packaging that conveys the taste of fresh and  fruity raspberry yogurt filling at first glance. And it remains  a  “typical Loacker” in the overall brand performance. This is supported by appetizing and natural looking product shots, of both the wafer and the ingredients. The raspberries look like freshly picked. In the application of the new product, we use a model with which the main target audience can identify itself and that raises summer associations. The model not only stands for a modern lifestyle but also embodies ease, naturalness and sympathy and can be used worldwide.

Like freshly picked.