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Tracing the herders.

As one of the largest community alpine pasture systems in Europe, and with its 360° panorama, the “Rittner Alm” (Renon alp) is popular, even beyond the alpine pasture season. Few people know about the historical context of alpine farming and its agricultural and landscape importance. This important part of culture, past and present, is in danger of being lost. The “Hirtensteig” themed path project strives to preserve that knowledge.

The task

The “Hirtensteig” themed path project is intended to keep the history of the “Rittner Alm” (Renon alp) and its herders alive and at the same time to enhance a part of the existing hiking trail No 1A.

The solution


After a lot of research, brainstorming and interviews and in cooperation with the architect Angelika Mair, we conceptualised the “Hirtensteig” to be an experience for young and old on 3.2 km. The herder, in form of a figurative mark, leads along the whole path. In addition, the unique communication appearance accompanies the hikers along the entire route. Five different stations inform the visitor about the life of the herders, the cattle and about the particularities of the Renon community alp. We wanted to give insights into this exciting and mostly unknown world not only with texts, but also with pictures and special installations. A short film gives the word to herders of past and present. Furthermore, herders have the talent to remember more than 900 livestock. This is symbolised by stones with animal names along the way. How many can the hiker remember?