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Since mid-July 2020, the Rittner Horn has been enriched by an attraction for families. At 2,260 m above sea level, a 3 km long circular trail with a total of 11 play stations begins. The protagonist of the theme path is the young but wise eagle Toni: fresh and perky as he is, he tells fabulous stories from South Tyrol. In front of an incredible 360° panorama, everyone feels free as an eagle hovering over South Tyrol. A booklet available at the valley station of the ropeway puts you in the right mood for the trail, and visitors learn how Toni became a storyteller. Large, illustrated books at various play stations tell the legends entertainingly and amusingly, for children from 3 years of age. Of course in the languages German, Italian and English. Toni also accompanies the children to the inns, where they can solve puzzles and search games around Toni's world on the placemats. A campaign (offline, online and PR) accompanies the introduction of the new theme path in the South Tyrolean media.

The “big boys” had already a lot of fun during the acceptance of construction work ;-)

Mugele’s · Die sagenhafte Welt des Toni / Il mondo favoloso di Toni