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50 years – Laxn à la Weihrerhof.

In 2017 the Weihrerhof in South Tyrol celebrates its 50 anniversary with a jubilee newspaper. Small anecdotes intermingle with current developments in the house and thus appeal to current regular guests and those of the future.

The task

In 2017, the 4-star Hotel Weihrerhof celebrates its 50th anniversary. For this event, the hoteliers want their guests – many come for decades – to participate. It should not be a classic chronicle and potential guests should also feel addressed.

The solution

Mugele’s Brand Identity proposes a product that kills both birds with one stone: an anniversary newspaper in an oversize format with a special focus on the feel. Stories from 50 years Weihrerhof are designed with a lot of humor and attention to detail and textual edited, alternating with topics and impressions from the year 2017. The newspaper turns out to be a complete success. Many guests expressed their gratitude – some as creative as amiable – for the appealing mailing.

Many guests expressed their gratitude - some as creative as amiable - for the appealing mailing.