moving brands

We move mountains.

Despite its rapid growth Gruber Logistics has retained the character and the virtues of a family business. The proximity to the customer and personal commitment has remained unchanged. Against this background, it was necessary to develop a new, memorable and differentiating communication appearance.

The task

Gruber Logistics knows the increasingly complex needs of its customers well and provides innovative solutions to ensure that all pending and future tasks can be handled professionally and efficiently. This gives the customer the assurance that Gruber Logistics is the right logistics partner now and in the future.

The solution

At the center of communication, we put into focus what Gruber Logistics is all about: closeness to customers and the resulting solution competence (multi-logistics). These 3 words – we move moutains – are more than a promise of service: a central guideline that expresses the unchanged, affirmative Gruber Logistics philosophy. The personal address and the pictoriality differ significantly from the statements in the category.