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A cultural treasure.

Within the scope of a competition, a trademarkable figurative mark was sought for the Interreg V-A project “Cultural treasure photography”. Together with the Department of Museums, the Office for Film and Media and the municipality of Brunico, necessary guidelines are defined for competent handling of historical photographs. The new logo and the entire corporate design breathe the spirit of bygone times without neglecting the connection to current times.

The task

The logo had to be offline and online capable, in particular it had to be suitable as an icon for the planned app.

The solution


The materiality of photography in positive/negative is represented here by an old negative color film. In order to establish a connection to digital archiving, a modern memory card is illustrated. When designing the colours, care was taken to ensure that the color progression runs through the image of the memory card, as well as through the "holes" of the film, in order to establish a relationship between the motifs and to clarify their similarities. The colour shade was chosen because many historical photographs have a black and white component that changes over the years due to UV radiation, and images that are 60 years or older usually exhibit this sepia characteristic.