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The message is trust.

The South Tyrolean Advertising Agency Mugele’s Brand Identity developed a corporate design with a differentiating and strong recognition as part of the development of a new communication presence for the 47 Raiffeisen cooperatives. A consumer survey confirmed this, as did the strength of the “I trust Raiffeisen” campaign, which placed even greater emphasis on Raiffeisen's cooperative values than before and thus made the profile of the Raiffeisen brand even clearer.

The task

As part of the development of a new communications presence for the 47 Raiffeisen cooperatives we had the task to give even more visibility and importance to the Raiffeisen cooperative values and thus to position the brand Raiffeisen with a more distinct profile.

The solution


The new corporate design emphasizes the contemporary identity of the Raiffeisen cooperatives – content and visual wise, externally as well as internally. The Raiffeisen Green gets more dominance, making the new look distinctive and assertive. Across all Divisions – from corporate customers to retail customers. A key element of the corporate brand is the green brand bar with integrated logo. The upper left corner is rounded on purpose, for a start in order to duplicate and to highlight the curvature of the gable character, on further to smoothen the else hardness of the bar. The cooperative values of Raiffeisen receive immediate emotional attraction using authentic testimonials. The campaign consistently shows authentic customers of the Raiffeisen cooperative stating the reasons why they trust Raiffeisen. So they express emotionally what makes the cooperative idea for a bank so timeless attractive: security, closeness and trust, but also life-long companionship in all financial decisions. The new campaign has been designed to work on all levels – from the level of image to the product level all the way to the sponsorship level. A market research institute has tested the new look with customers before launch. The core message, the communication objectives and the assignability to Raiffeisen were fully confirmed. On the image level the focus is on the testimonial in connection with his single statement.

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