moving brands

Home of dynamic business.

The company EOS Solutions and its various subsidiaries are of firmly established size in the Italian IT market. It has received several awards from Microsoft, including “Microsoft Dynamics Partner no. 1 in Italy”. For 4 years in a row. A new campaign – online and offline – should stand out from the usual IT appearances and meet the brand core.

The task

EOS Solutions faces a steadily growing market and an increasing number of competitors. Many of the products are often similar at first glance, so the company dares to make a strong distinction over the communication.

The solution

Always one leap ahead. With an for the industry unusual campaign, we convey the core brand: Home of dynamic business. The in his hunting behavior highly specialized cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world and thus represents the USP to the point: With competence, professionalism, methodology and technology EOS Solutions gives its customers a competitive edge in the market. In order to market the tailor-made CRM solutions we use again a symbol from the animal kingdom: The symbiosis between bee and flower represents a mutually “fruitful” relationship. The new communications campaign is ideal to combine the image and product level in an animated spot. Short, crisp, concise and above all sympathetic.