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The Bergrettung Südtirol (Mountain Rescue South Tyrol) is a member of the Alpenverein Südtirol (Alpine Club South Tyrol) and primarily responsible for the rescue of people and animals in need on the mountain. As part of a repositioning, a completely new appearance is being developed – from the logo to the communication presentation.

The task

The original name "Bergrettungsdienst im Alpenverein" is correct, but for a brand name of a rescue organization, which is defined by know-how, speed and precision, it seems too cumbersome and unrepeatable.

The solution

From now on we use "Bergrettung Südtirol" as a brand name. The registered association name remains as official sender and bearer. The repositioning and development of an independent brand image for the Bergrettung Südtirol requires a great deal of sensitivity and knowledge about the core of the brand. No orientation or misalignment could have fatal effects on functionality and activity. Our recommendation is based on this: Everything that has been learned is taken over, but bundled better and steered in the same direction.

Bundle forces and steer in the same direction.