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The new Alpenverein Südtirol.

Since 40 years mountain enthusiasts from every background unite in the Alpenverein Südtirol: those interested in the aspects of culture, nature and science concerning the mountains meet the mountain hiker, the alpinist, sport climber, ski tour fan and many more.

The task

The Alpenverein Südtirol is with its 66.812 members, the 35 sections with 58 localities, the largest association in South Tyrol. The very extensive offer attracts those interested in the mountains for cultural, natural or scientific purpose as well as hikers, sport climbers and ski tour lovers. This results in a very complex structure that needs a strong identity holding them together. And clear rules regulating the cooperation between national body, sections, localities and the numerous volunteers are a must. Only then the AVS can be recognized by the target group and develop a strong sense of unity among all: members, employees, stakeholders.

The solution

Mugele’s Brand Identity was guided by the motto "Vom Altenverein zum Alpenverein" (from the club of the old ones to the club of the alps) and developed in 2000 an unmistakable, memorable appearance. This runs through all means of communication of the AVS national body, the 34 sections and their localities and thus creating orientation, on the mountain and in the valley and is just as relevant today as it was then.

A strong feeling of unity among members, employees and stake holders.