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Commitment to simplicity.

With courage, creativity and determination the Holzner family has created something new – timeless within the environment of their renowned Art Nouveau hotel: the restaurant 1908. Inspired by the founder years, but with a new, carefree simplicity of the architecture as a bridge into the modern day. The spirit of the Art Nouveau was the guideline: soulful atmosphere in detail, but a noticeable lightness and vitality. Simplicity rather than patch pageantry. Visible zeitgeist instead of a standstill. With the aim to create a place where you can enjoy carefree and happy waives any frippery.

The task


The creation of a new restaurant, which will be integrated into the Jugendstil building, is an exciting task for designers and communication professionals. We gladly took the challange, with a lot of know-how and attention to detail.

The solution


Elegance, practicality, appropriateness are some attributes, which describe the architecture around 1908. We transferred the simplicity of the architecture and design of this time to the logo and communication.