moving brands

Our work on brands and their conceptual solutions is creative precision work and is based on strategy. There are no open-ended questions, no drifting away from brand navigation. The way our agency gets brands on course is efficient, welcomed with a lot respect and sometimes even applauded.

Here everybody does what he wants.

That means that we can each do what we do best and to the highest level. We look over each other’s shoulder and offer advice, whether asked for or not, but usually helpful. If required we use our network of top-class experts when effecting our concepts. They have been working with us permanently and are not one-day wonders. We also use this network to find answers to our international business. Our principle is that only the best possible local partner is the right one for us.

Evi Pichler

Managing partner, chief consultant

Martin Hört

Art director

Roman Rödel

Partner, administration

Barbara Leiss

Communication designer

Karl F. Schöfman

Concept and text

Kurt Mugele

Agency founder


Swiss guard

Nothing is ready-made.

Every campaign, every communication, each packaging design is based on a strategic recommendation which itself must be as unique as the creative realization. The laid down identity guides the development of the customer's positioning and the brand architecture.


  •  Brand Positioning
  •  Communication Strategy
  •  Brand Naming
  •  Brand Architecture

Brands tell stories. These must be credible, memorable and unique. We at the agency Mugele's Brand Identity attend to brand communication so that it functions on a various channels and adjusts for positioning.


  •  Claim
  •  Campaign
  •  Editorial
  •  Trade Marketing
  •  Direct Marketing
  •  Promotions
  •  Online Communication
  •  Brand Event
  •  Product Presentation
  •  Trade Fair Booth

Brands must be visible, palpable, sensible so that they trigger positive connotations among consumers.
Brand design by the agency Mugele's Brand Identity pays especially attention to all points of contact with the target group ensuring equal appearance of the brand.


  •  Brand Design
  •  Corporate Design
  •  Packaging Design
  •  Corporate Communication
  •  Corporate Architecture

The best corporate design is of little use if the people dealing with it don't know how to do it right. We at Mugele's Brand Identity make sure that CD guidelines are written user-friendly and leave no questions unanswered. A good product also includes the production – both online and offline. Competent we advise and support our customers in this phase and are pleased to do so.


  •  Corporate Manual
  •  Production